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Building a strong and stable Skagit County!

Skagit County, WAThe lack of affordable housing has been an issue for quite some time in Skagit County. Recent data compiled on the new Skagit County Trends website showed that in 2015, more than a quarter (26.8%) of Skagit County renters paid more than half their monthly income on rent, a greater percentage than all of Washington (21.1%) and the entire US (23.5%). So it was a blessing to receive support for our builds from Skagit County again this year.

This year’s funding purchased the build rights from Home Trust of Skagit for two homes and a portion of building materials for one home in the Summerlynd Neighborhood, Mount Vernon. This grant, totaling $85,440, is the largest that Skagit Habitat has received from Skagit County to date. It is generous support like this that makes us say we have had a great year.

We will complete the two current builds by the end of this year or early 2017. We will be building four more homes over the next two years at Summerlynd, for a total of seven affordable homes in the neighborhood. Habitat Homeowners help build their own home alongside construction volunteers. In-kind donations of materials and services along with financial contributions from our many generous donors help keep our building costs down thus maintaining affordability. The Habitat Homeownership Program selects families based on ability to pay and keeps mortgage payments to 30% or less of our Homeowners’ incomes.bev_aed-training

So let’s spread the word: Skagit Habitat mortgage payments are more affordable than rent! And, after all, strong and stable homes help build strong and  stable communities.

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Lumber, Windows and Door… OH MY!

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In April of 2015 Skagit Habitat for Humanity Construction Coordinator Paublo Baca met with Lisa, Community Relations for WA of Sierra Pacific Industries.  This meeting got the ‘ball rolling’ for a partnership that would result in Sierra Pacific Foundation making a generous donation of materials for one Skagit Habitat for Humanity home.

On October 27th we received the good news from Sierra Pacific Foundation that our request for lumber, a sliding door and all of the windows for one home in the Summerlynd Neighborhood had been granted!

On the 5th of May 2016 Lisa, along with other Sierra Pacific Industries representatives, came out to the build site during Skagit Habitat’s National Women Build Week.  Representatives included Lisa, who is Community Relations for all of WA State, two representatives from the local Burlington Mill (Plant Manager and Human Resources) as well as a representative from Sierra Pacific Windows.  It was great having Sierra Pacific join us on the build site to see how their donation is helping our organization and gave them an opportunity to meet the Future Homeowner who will directly benefit from this contribution.

Sierra Pacific is an environmentally responsible forest management company and talk about keeping it local… lumber grown locally, milled in Burlington and used on a Habitat home in Mount Vernon.  But, we wouldn’t expect anything less from a company that prides itself on being a good neighbor.

About one month following Sierra Pacific Industries visit to the construction site, Skagit Habitat reached the phase of construction for installation of windows and doors.  On June 2, 2016 core volunteers began installing the donated product.  We cannot thank Sierra Pacific Foundation enough for seeing how strong and stable homes build strong and stable communities.  All of the staff and volunteers here at Skagit Habitat appreciate the time Lisa, Brad, Janifer, and Mike took out of their busy schedules to come out and see how this donation will impact Selamawit and her family as they build a brighter future together.  Thank you!

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Skagit Habitat for HumanityWe made the FRONT PAGE the morning after our Media Day yesterday! If you haven’t gotten your copy of the Skagit Valley Herald yet today… Go get one!! National Women Build‬ was a huge success this year, and guess what: its still not too late to be a part of this exciting partnership between Lowe’s Home Improvement and Habitat for Humanity! Tomorrow we will be at Summerlynd for one more day of National Women Build Week here at Skagit Habitat for Humanity. We cannot thank our local Lowe’s Home Improvement enough for their continued support, not only for‪ ‎NWBW15‬, but for everything they have done for us previously. Your staff and ServicePros and Managers were a great help in our Lowe’s Training Clinics and on the build site as well. We look forward to working with you tomorrow again and hope you remember you can join us on site… any time!
Thank you Shannen for joining us and for all your staff at Skagit Publishing that helped in getting this article put together, and for taking the time to join us on site yesterday!

Thanks to Home Trust of Skagit

hometrus-logo-300Our thanks goes out to everyone with Home Trust of Skagit for all their help in making the Ground Breaking Dedication, on January 25th, such a great event for the Flores and Ortiz families.
– We thank Dave Malsed, Home Trust of Skagit Executive Director, for all he has done to make our partnership with you a success and wish you a great retirement!
– We welcome Jodi Monroe, Home Trust of Skagit Executive Director, into the partnership and look forward to working with you more in the future!
– And we thank Gabriel Olmsted, Home Trust of Skagit Board President, for speaking at the home dedication ceremony.
We are excited and looking forward to continuing our partnership with Home Trust of Skagit at the Summerlynd Property in Mount Vernon, Washington.