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Our Programs

Skagit Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to breaking the downward cycle of poverty by creating affordable housing solutions for low-income families. We aim to eliminate substandard housing by building safe, healthy, affordable homes together with qualified future homeowners, volunteers, donors, sponsors and community partners.  We accomplish these goals by:

  • Constructing affordable homes with hardworking and deserving families;
  • Advocating for affordable, fair and just housing policies;
  • Providing training/access to resources to help families succeed in their transition into homeownership; and
  • Improving living conditions which in many cases improves an individual’s health.

Our program is benefitting not only the future homeowners, but it strengthens our community by:

  • Increasing tax revenue to support schools, and other community programs;
  • Future generations stay above the poverty level; perpetuating future tax revenue for our community;
  • Bringing neighbors and community supporters together allowing them to see the effects that stable housing has on families; and
  • Increasing number of affordable housing units available in Skagit County.

To learn how you can get involved, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, or to learn more on how to support our mission, contact our Resource Development Coordinator.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.